Retail Design Italy

RETAIL DESIGN ITALY is part of the Excellence Group offering a full spectrum of services. The group consist of 4 multifunctional business units: consulting, design, innovation and education offering retail strategy consulting and digital transformation services.

CNA Viterbo e Civitavecchia
CNA (Italian National Confederation of Crafts and Small-Medium Enterprises) has over 70 years experience. It safeguards the interests of small- medium enterprises operating in the sectors of manufacture, constructions, services, transport, trade, tourism and any business relating to the craft sector.
FEDERLAZIO is one of the most important bodies representing the interests of small and medium enterprises of Latium region. Besides representing the interests of its members , Federlazio supports their growth, development and strengthening. Thanks to the “Federlazio network” companies can share projects, know how and contacts to develop new business opportunities.
CONFCOOPERATIVE is the main body which represents, supports, safeguards the Italian cooperative movement and social enterprises. It has 20,000 cooperatives, 3,2 million members and 550,000 people employed. It was first established in 1919 inspired by Rerum Novarum, nowadays it has spread across the country. Its main feature is the scrupulous respect for the principle of autonomy.