12 Things you can´t miss in Havana – Must See in Havana

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12 Things you can’t miss in Havana, Cuba

“Both for Havana´s beauty and decay,
it´s very hard to restrain yourself from staring
everywhere you look”
– Brin-Jonathan Butler
I´ve been in Cuba this summer. We spent 20 amazing days in this beautiful country, and we ended our trip in Havana!
 Havana is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen so far. It´s a perfect mixture between decadent buildings and beautiful, newly restructured houses. Havana attracted the tourist´s eyes everywhere they look at. It´s a special city which attracted me from every point of view: the daiquiri of the Floridita, the mojitos, the never-ending malecon, the salsa club where I could watch people dance for hours, the energy of cuban people, their culture, the buildings, the history..
I could list a thousend things I loved about Havana, but if you´re planning a trip to Cuba, or if you´re just curious about what you should definitely see, here´s my personal bucket list of the things you can´t missed in Havana!

1. Morro and the forteza

The castle and the fortress from which you can see Habana vieja!

2. Avenida de los presidentes

While walking this beautiful street, pay attention to the amazing architecture around you!

3. Hotel national at sunset

This is definitely something you have to do! The Hotel Nacional in Havana is one of the most famous ones in Cuba! From the garden, you can have a drink and enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the malecon!

4. Habana vieja

The historical part of the city! Get lost in the small streets of the Habana vieja!

5. Fundacion Guayasamin

Guayasamin is a really interesting artist from Ecuador. he was friend of Fidel and Raoul Castro and also portrayed them in some of his paintings. The foundation Guayasamin shows some of his artworks. I really suggest to see it.

6. Plaza de las armas

In this beautiful plaza, surrounded by decadent and fascinating buildings, there is an amazing flea market you can´t missed. I loved to see all those used books of poetry and cuban literature.

7. Enjoy a beer at Plaza vieja

This plaza is one of my favorite part of the city. It´s actually also where we lived. We slept in a casa particular right here. After a long day of sightseeing, everything I wanted was a beer here, relaxing, enjoying some live music and resting a little bit.

8. A daiquiri at the Floridita

Everyone talk only about the Bodeguita del Medio, but it´s not the only historical bar in Havana! Don´t forget to have a drink (I suggest a daiquiri) at the Floridita! You can enjoy the amazing artist playing salsa music for you! This is a bar where Ernest Hemingway used to go as well!

9. Museo de la revolucion

Cuba has a interesting and complicated history behind it. To understand it´s culture better, it´s really interesting to visit the museum of the revolution in Havana.

10. Carneval in august

We were super lucky because we happened to be in Havana in August, when the carnival of Cuba takes place! In every city there are parties on the streets and in Havana we enjoyed a beautiful street parade right on the malecon! I think I don´t need to tell you it was an amazing experience. 😉

11.Playa Este

Just jump into a cab and drive 20 minutes away from the city to enjoy a beautiful beach where real cubans spend their free time.

12. Jaimanitas

This place is also renamed “Fusterlandia” because it´s a small part of the city which is decorated by Fuster, a cuban artist, which filled  Jaimanitas with his mosaics. This work of public art is spectacular and is definitely something you can´t miss if you´re around Havana.

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